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  1. Nautical To move (a vessel) by hauling on a line that is fastened to or around a piling, anchor, or pier.
  2. Sep 25,  · From a technical perspective, WARP is a VPN. But it is designed for a very different audience than a traditional VPN. WARP is not designed to allow you to access geo-restricted content when you’re traveling. It will not hide your IP address from the websites you defconttranwinssidi.specukarelolilangahanatislu.infoinfo: Matthew Prince.
  3. Warp speed is an example of a phrase that entered the public consciousness through science fiction and eventually gained enough popularity to end up in the dictionary. The expression was popularized on .
  4. Fantasy []. The Warp was a realm that existed before life on the planet, with the immortal Chaos Gods already formed within it (as well as most of the beings who would enter the Warp at later points in the timeline like N'kari, Be'lakor, and Karnak thanks to the time-fuckery of the Warp). The Old Ones connected the Warp Gates to it early on in their involvement in the Warhammer World.
  5. ‘The warp is stretched between two sticks, one is attached to a fixed point and the other to the waist of the weaver who controls the tension of the warp by sitting or standing upright.’ ‘Depending on the arrangement of the loom the warps run vertically (high-warp) or horizontally (low-warp) but in both cases the weaver works from the.
  6. To warp is to distort something. An example ofwarp is when wood is exposed to humidity and becomes cupped and bent out of shape. An example ofwarp is when you change or distort the truth, causing a different version of the "truth" to be believed. YourDictionary definition and usage example.
  7. warp - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

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